Arbitration lawyers in Chennai

In a world where conflicts may arise, achieving a peaceful resolution is crucial. If you're in search of a prompt and effective alternative to conventional litigation, your solution is here. Indus Associates introduces our esteemed team of arbitration lawyers in Chennai. Imagine being entangled in a heated business dispute, with negotiations at a stalemate and tensions escalating. Or perhaps you might be facing a contractual disagreement that seems impossible to resolve. It is in these moments that our skilled arbitration lawyers come to your aid.

At Indus Associates, we understand the importance of resolving conflicts outside the courtroom. Our skilled arbitration lawyers are well-versed in alternative dispute resolution methods, offering you a cost-effective and time-efficient way to achieve a fair and binding resolution. When disputes arise, don't let them escalate further. Opt for the top arbitration lawyers in Chennai at Indus Associates to guide you towards a peaceful resolution. Together, we will find a path to resolution, fostering harmony and preserving valuable relationships.

Practice Area

Team of Advocates

  • Adoption
  • Un-Contested Divorce
  • Contested Divorce
  • Child Custody | Child Support
  • Divorce Modification


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture


  • Supreme Court
  • High Court
  • District Court
  • Consumer Courts
  • National Forum
  • Intellectual Property Tribunal
  • Joint Ventures

Workers' Compensation

  • On the Job Injury
  • Lump Sum Settlement
  • Medical Benefits
  • Wage Benefits


  • Service Tax
  • Taxation-Direct & Indirect